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Why Wenonah?

Coming up with a name for the cabin was a difficult task.  We actually gave up on finding a name and simply said, The Quist Cabin.  Seemed a bit boring to us. Isn't there something Greek or Hebrew or Colorado hip? And then our youngest daughter mentioned Wenonah!  


All three of our daughters have been on multiple adventures, on multiple rivers in our Wenonah canoe. Dad/daughter getaways. Mom/daughter getaways. Family and friend adventures. They grew up cutting their teeth as river rats with Wenonah.  

This led us to research the word Wenonah, its origins and meaning. What we found amazed us and had profound parallels to our lives and our desire for this cabin space.  

Wenonah is much more than a fifty-year-old canoe company who handcrafts innovative canoes and kayaks. Wenonah has its linguistic origins in Algonquin and Lakota Sioux culture and language. Wenonah means "first daughter" or "chief's daughter". Words associated with Wenonah are beautiful, amazing, loving, faithful, charitable, a bread giver. One who had the name Wenonah would visit the unfortunate and helpless, carry them food, comb their hair, mend their garments, meet the needs of the elders, provide sustenance to the tribe, and hold power over creation. Wenonah wielded power and great influence as a carrier of her culture.  

May your time at Wenonah be one where God provides sustenance for your soul - giving you bread, combing your hair, mending your garments, where God reveals to you his beauty, love and faithfulness.   

We smiled that Wenonah's roots are in Algonquin (Michigan) and Lakota Sioux (South Dakota) culture and language. Mark is from Michigan, Deone is from South Dakota. Wenonah means "first daughter". God gave us three daughters. And if you spend time at Wenonah the cabin, Wenonah the canoe is there waiting for you too.              


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